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Garage Door Repair Service Melbourne

Australian Garage Door Parts carries out hundreds of garage door repairs to garage doors and openers every year in Melbourne.

Garage door repairs can include replacing garage door torsion springs, replacing circuit boards in openers, repairing or replacing manual release assemblies, clutch assemblies, sprockets, helical gears, drive gears, chain adjusters and more. If you need garage door repairs, give us a call. We can usually tell you the price for garage door repairs over the phone.

Garage Door Repair Melbourne

Garage Door Repair Melbourne Services

Here at Australian Garage Door Parts we can proudly say that we are 100% Australian owned and the most trusted garage door repair company in Melbourne. Families have been using our professional services for several years. Check out the 400 reviews online for our exceptional reputation. Our customer care is second to none for on the spot garage door repair work, service and installations for all the major brand names. We provide full installation of garage door openers and remote controls in these locations of Melbourne; South Eastern Suburbs, Eastern Suburbs, Mornington Peninsula, Western and Northern suburbs. We are the number one choice for automated garage door repairs in Melbourne and the surrounding locations. Our highly skilled service technicians are professional installers and have specialised knowledge to repair your garage door or set up a replacement. We provide professional advice along the way; from the minute you give us a call to when our technician arrives at your home. All of our parts and services are guaranteed for your peace of mind. Our maintenance and garage door repair work service has been highly recommended by satisfied clients through the years. We advise you to keep your garage door frequently maintained & serviced for maximum performance and dependability. A garage door has moving parts that need to be examined and serviced, they can not be simply left for years and hope to work as they were first installed. The same applies to roller garage doors that have moving parts and electrical circuits that require regular inspection, you don't want a roller garage door to end up being stuck open and precious valuables on show for all to see!

Garage Door Repair Melbourne

We encourage that a roller garage door needs to be serviced at least every 12 months. The roller door needs to be lubed, cleaned and well maintained to guarantee a smooth operation each time it opens and closes. We specialize in repairing and maintaining roller doors, sectional doors, tilting doors and all major brands. At all times we have a comprehensive series of brand-new and pre-owned parts to fix garage door openers, motors and all of the major brand names. By having these extra parts in stock we can typically fix roller doors in Melbourne and repair garage doors on the spot without having to come back again. It makes good sense to keep your garage door well preserved to prevent additional expenses in maintenance or repairing them. Some of the commonly known problems that occur with garage doors is that the door can be stuck in an open or closed position. The roller door will not react to the push-button control signal, noisy motor or produces a sound when the remote control is utilized. The door does not move or it squeaks and the door is not level on one side when closed. Other problems can include a failed motor receiver, lights on the motor not working and the inference from nearby devices. Here at Australian Garage Door Parts we can fix any concerns you have in and around Melbourne and the surrounding location. We are specialists at servicing fixtures, fittings, horizontal and vertical tracks, changing and lubricating hinges, bearings, chains, wheels, springs and tracks. If your motor receiver fails we can replace that for you, examine and change a motor if necessary too. Our Technicians bring spare parts at all times and we can fix or change cables and springs at your house.

Garage Motor Replacement

The first thing we do when you call us is to assess the situation and see what the very best option will be. Depending upon which type of garage roller you have or whether it has single or double spacing and the age of the garage door itself, we will choose the best replacement motor for you. At the same time as assessing your garage roller we will see what the ideal requirement is for the garage door opener and recommend you appropriately. We will perform an initial inspection and encourage you whether the motor needs to be totally changed or can be fixed. You will be glad to hear that we will only recommend a replacement if essential and all brand-new products feature a full manufacturer warranty. There are a variety of problems that can occur with garage doors that can include, roller doors ballooning and jamming, being stuck in open or closed positions. The emergency release can get stuck, doors do not always open immediately, just manually and these will need attention. The lock and key in some cases gets damaged and need replacing, this is something that can be quickly fixed. Doors can be heavy to lift, they can also drop and not stay in position, remote controls can malfunction and will require to be accessed for the problem. The motor can continue running, but the door not working and the roller door can end up being loud with a squeaking noise. Other typical issues consist of broken springs, wheels bent and hinges can break, all of these problems can be dealt with by our service specialists. Our service technicians can clean up vertical tracks and lube, re-align, plus clean the nylon felt around all 4 sides. The internal springs can be lubricated, adjusted and re-tensioned at your property to supply a perfect service package for you. We don't simply stop there with the roller doors, our specialists will clean up and lubricate the brushes, change weather strips and reprogram the motor to guarantee a smooth operation. We carry out complete checks and services on tilt doors to adjust, re-tension and lubricate the springs. All the nuts and bolts are examined and tensioned after that, the top frame angle can be reinforced if necessary and the motor will be adjusted, re-programmed, plus the open and close limits will be inspected. When we examine and service the sectional door, the first thing we take a look at is changing, re-lubricating and re-tensioning the springs. The nuts and bolts will be checked and will be tensioned, the top brace angle enhanced. Other locations that we cover everything include re-programing the motor, change the open and close limits, plus force adjustment. The roller bearings will be cleaned, changed and lubed, plus the weather strip can be replaced.

Motorise A Door Melbourne

Manual opening garage doors can be an issue to open in some cases and also extremely inconvenient for many. A useful option will be an automated garage door that it is convenient and highly preferable. We can fit a brand new automatic roller system that will add to your house's security and a whole lot more convenient for when you arrive home after a long day. The very best aspect of having an automated garage door is that you do not need to leave safety of your car to open the garage door! We set up garage door openers that have the latest technologies and have remarkable reliability. The benefits of having an automatic garage door include that your car will no longer be exposed to extended direct exposure to rain and leaving the children in the vehicle longer on their own. Garage doors can be heavy to lift if you have an injury, elderly or a child, extended opening manual garage doors could lead to an injury. We offer three options to either motorise a door roller, motorise a sectional or panel door and motorise a tilt door.
Garage Remotes Melbourne
An automated garage door would not be complete without a push-button control device and these are all provided from the outstanding range. It is possible to have your garage door and front gate configured onto the exact same push-button control device. You can have a total of four items on one remote control device, so you could just utilize the one for everything that requires to be run. In addition to the door openers will have all the companies accessories too, cordless wall buttons, remote controls and even upgrade kits for obsolete push-button control systems. The remote controls come as the key ring type complete with pin code access for added security. Other desirable options consist of long range antennas, standby power units and these accessories can extend the life on your automatic garage door. We can manage your existing remote control device for your garage and gate to be upgraded or replaced to the latest style without altering the motors. If you have any questions, then please give us a call and we can customize an ideal service for you. A few of the typical issues with remote controls include a faulty battery, buttons that become faulty, deterioration and water damage, disturbance with the signal, damaged crystals after being dropped, plus the range or frequency being decreased. So don't delay and give us a call for a totally free no obligation quote on 03 9380 7776, we are open from 9am to 5pm Monday to Friday. You can also send us an enquiry through message on the site, we will respond to you immediately.

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Garage doors that are jammed or stuck are at serious risk of collapse. A professional garage door repairer is needed to fix the garage door and it back on track

Broken garage door torsion springs can prevent you from using your garage door. Our repairers carry a large range of new torsion springs so they can replace your springs fast.

Broken garage door cables can cause your door to jamb, preventing you from opening or closing your door. Our repairers can replace your cables and get your door working again.

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Many years ago I had my garage door made remote. Back then, I chose to support local business , Australian Garage Doors. . They were prompt, professional and reliable. Recently my door started playing up and a quick phone call had the team come out next day for s service and to uncover the problem. Again, prompt, friendly professional service. Turns out I had inadvertently damaged my remote and it was jamming. Quick service to door . New remote and happy customer once again. I would most definitely recommend Australian Garage Doors in Hallam.

Marg B

If anyone is looking to have there Garage Door Service, and you are looking for a company that is reliable honest and trustworthy, I recommend you contact Australian Garage Door Parts, please note that I am NOT getting anything for the review, I am writing this review because Australian Garage Door Parts have always been looking after my Garage Door. Thank you Australian Garage Door Parts for a Wonderful Service.

Des Lopez

Very professional. Repaired a sagging ceiling at no extra charge. I’m very satisfied. That little extra help was very impressive.

John Street

An excellent team of good employees who wasted no time in servicing my garage roller door and also fixing a part of the garage ceiling at no extra charge.. .A 5 Star Company.

Charles Gordon

Technicians arrived on time, and completed all tasks in a very efficient manner. The seasonal discount was a welcome bonus.

Bob Lodge

The service was really good and also the follow up that was required was prompt I couldn’t have been any happier

Janine Pickering

I found this company to be helpful with phone enquiries, and punctual and professional when installing my replacement garage door opener

Barry Shrouder

Tech was thorough and very professional. Arrived on time. Great people to deal with.

Liz Triffitt

Great service well worth using!! Found a fault that could have really hurt someone! Great company!

Andrew Snook

Arrived on time .. very professional .. great service and price .. yes I recommend them to anyone

Ancastadragonfire Mel

Quality service, transparent and good value pricing, efficient and effective professionalism

Ian Wallis

Great Work, Well Mannered, Door Has Never Been Better

James Lancaster

Long story short: Don’t bother with the competition. Use these guys. They are awesome.

Andrew Boskovic

Always on time or earlier, professional approach, good advice, reasonable rates, pleasant manner.

Russell James Corran

Awesome service, give good advice on garage maintenance, highly recommended.

Emilio Montoya

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