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People in Drouin searching for info about garage doors ask a host of various questions. We’ve listed a few below and answered them as best as possible.

First off, people utilize a range of expressions when describing garage doors. To start, it’s a great idea to clarify.

Roller doors, sectional panel doors, tilt doors, overhead panel doors, panel lift doors, electric roller doors, electric panel doors, automatic roller doors and automatic panel doors are all doors that are fitted to brick garages, metal garages, carport, long fence lines and along driveways.

There are 3 primary styles of garage doors; Roller doors, Sectional panel doors and Tilt doors.

Roller doors are identified by corregated horizontal ribs and when the door opens it rolls around itself like a roll up blind.

Sectional Panel Doors are more modern and provide a plethora of exteriors to compliment a wider variety of houses. They are comprised of 4 to 5 wide panels that sit on top of each other. The panels are joined together with hinges so the door can fold backwards as it is opened and the panels slide backward into the garage along rails located just below the ceiling. This type of garage door can be found in dozens of colors and designs including embossed squares and rectangles, top panels with windows to add to the appeal, wood appearance, timber appearance, wood grain. They are even built with aluminium and perspex.

Tilt Garage Doors are made with one solid panel. This kind of door normally swings out at the bottom and tips into the garage when you open it.

This kind of door was and is popular since it can be fitted to garages and carports with low height ceilings (low head space).

The use of the words automatic garage door, electric garage door, motorised garage door and remote controlled garage door describe garage doors that have an electric motor fitted to them. The electrical motor opens and closes the garage door and is triggered by push-button controls. Garage door and some electric motors are specifically designed to withstand damp weather condition. These are an excellent choice if your garage door is “exposed” (not inside a garage).

Garage Door Sizes

Garage doors are made to match the opening height and width of each garage, carport or fence-line opening. So the reality is, there is no such thing as a basic size garage door. Every Garage Door is customised to fit each opening. That means you need a site inspection to get a garage roller door that will fit your house perfectly. Australian Garage Door Parts provides free site inspections to identify your specific needs.

Garage Door Styles

Every house has a special look (street appeal) and a garage door is the largest feature of your house, so it is essential to choose a style that enhances the feel and look of your house. Australian Garage Door Parts provides an amazing variety of stunning garage doors that will certainly impress you.

Garage doors come with a 7 year warranty. You can’t go wrong!

Replacement garage doors can be fitted within 24 hours. Great for replacing damaged doors. Sectional overhead doors come in numerous styles, finishes and colors to completely match your house. Call us today to get a garage doors quote. We are open Monday to Friday.

Garage Door Colors

Australian Garage Door Parts can get your garage door in the color that fits your house best.

Roller Shutter Doors Drouin

Lots of people describe garage roller doors as domestic garage roller shutter doors, roller shutter garage doors, roller door shutters, garage roller shutters, automatic shutter doors, roller shutter doors and rolling shutter doors. Regardless of the name people give them they all keep your automobiles safe during the night.

Steel Shutter Doors

Steel shutter doors are also known as steel garage doors, steel rolling doors, steel rollup doors and other variations. This is due to the fact that steel is used to make these type of doors. Steel provides advantages such as strength, security, multiple colour alternatives and sturdiness. Steel shutter doors have been around now for over 40 years and have actually become a common addition to every brand-new home in Drouin.

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