Why have a carport?

Carports are a fantastic way to include more area to your home and, making your house more secure, and enhancing the street appeal and the value of your house. Simply by including a protected door, you have a safer place to leave your vehicle and other belongings.

Many carports sit right on the fence line of the property so why not make it aesthetically appealing in addition to helpful and install a new garage door?

Types Of Carport Doors

Depending upon how the carport is constructed, you can have a sectional/ panel lift door, roller door, tilt door or custom aluminium garage door.

All of our garage doors can be motorised for your benefit so that when you drive up to your home, you do not need to get out of the vehicle!

Sectional/panel lift doors are overhead doors that are terrific if you have space. They have a series of panels formed together as a single door, and are incredibly popular due to their sophisticated look.

Roller doors are another choice for carports. They are an economical choice that still looks fantastic in front of any house.
If you have a small carport, then a tilt door may be the very best alternative. They are perfect for minimal areas, working on a spring balance hinge.
Carports might likewise look fantastic with a custom aluminium door. They require hardly any maintenance and will last for years.

Customisation Of Your Carport Garage Door

The majority of our garage doors for carports can be customised. It starts with the size. There are standard garage sizes, however to guarantee the perfect fit, each and every job is measured for precision.

There are no estimations in our work, so you understand you are getting a garage door that will fit, and efficiently weatherproof your carport, keeping your vehicle and other belongings safe.

Thanks to Colorbond steel, you can also customise the appearance of your door. Stay with something neutral or go bold with greens, blues or browns. A timber-look is a terrific alternative to natural wood that includes a rustic feel to your home but without all the maintenance that features real timber.

Installation process

When setting up a garage door onto a carport in Melbourne, typically extra steel work is required to form the opening to allow installation of the garage door. At Australian Garage Door Parts we can install this steel work for you at the same time as the garage door to provide it a complete finished appearance.

Garage doors can also be made with a taper bottom panel to suit the slope in the driveway if your house is on a sloping block. Any and all details are taken into account when building and installing the door for your carport. As soon as constructed, our experienced team will be able to quickly install your door and carry out safety checks prior to leaving you to enjoy your new enclosed space.

Australian Garage Door Parts have already transformed the look to hundreds of carports around Melbourne and yours could be next. Our specialists will ensure you get the best option offered for your carport and space.



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